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CPS SC1.5-4.6kW Series

CPS SC series grid-tied PV inverters can be flexibly utilized in different types of residential rooftops, commercial rooftops and some utility systems. Efficiency levels up to 96.5% grant customers high returns of power production. Convection cooling design, comprehensive protection functions and advanced thermal design provide the whole system high reliability. The friendly interface and plug & play features make the installation and maintenance easy and fast.

CPS SCE1.5-4.6kW Series

SCE series PV inverters are suitable for various residential and commercial rooftop PV systems. With the features of concise design and high reliability of the former generation, SCE series PV inverters offer an improved performance on the conversion efficiency reaching up to 97.5%. The internal design offering now standard embedded DC switch and RS485 communication making of the SCE series a safe and flexible product for customers.

CPS SCE4-7kWUS Series

With advanced transformerless technology, the products reach a 97.5% maximum efficiency, providing competitive, long-term electricy generation benefits. The enclosures are NEMA 3R rated for general outdoor application. Designed for high reliability and easy installation, CPS SCE series are the ideal choice for residential rooftop applications.