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QDX-L Submersible Drainage Pump

Performance Range Max. Flow: 61m3/h Max. Head: 33m Application Limits  1. Maximum liquid temperature +40℃ 2. pH level from 6.5-8.5 3. Maximum sand content is 0.1%. Passage of suspended solids up to 0.2mm 4. Power frequency is 50Hz. Nominal voltage is 220VAC for single phase and 380VAC for three phase with the range from -10% to 10%. 5. Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m Certificate Application Fields  With small size and light weight, the Q(D)X-L series pump is especially suitable for the rural wells water pumping, farmland irrigation and drainage, garden watering, water spraying and family households, as well as other applications such as industrial , construction, aquaculture, fish ponds, etc. Features 1. New-designed motor structure, longer service life. 2. Portable and durable aluminum alloy structure. 3. Alloy impeller of high performance engineering plastics or aluminum. Optional Available On Request 1. The stainless steel bottom cover 2. Single-phase could with floater switch 3. Other voltage or frequency is 60Hz