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Aluminium Stranded Conductors and Aluminium Conductor with Steel-reinforced

Executive Standard It is manufactured according to the standard of GB/T1179-1999 and GB1179-83.

Cable for Electronic Computer

The product is used as connection for electronic network and control system rated voltage 300/500V and below, testing device and meters with high requirement on anti-jamming. 2 Technical Performance 2.1 Insulation wire core shall withstand AC 50Hz spark test, or drop in water of room temperature for 6h for AC 50Hz voltage test 5min. 2.2PVC insulated between the wires of finished product cable and wire cores, between wire cores and screen shall withstand 50Hz 1000V voltage test, PVC insulation shall withstand 50Hz 2000V voltage test for 5min without puncture. 2.3 Suggested allowable bending diameter: cable without armored layer shall not be smaller 12 times than cable external diameter; the flexible cable with screen structure shall not be smaller 6 times than cable external diameter.

Civilian Wires & Cables

1 Executive Standards The productis made according to GB5023.1-7-1997(equ. To IEC227)、JB8734.1-5-1998、Q/IQTF 101 -2005、QJ/ZDX 0001-2006. 2 Brief Introduction The product is used in power connection of household electrical appliance, small electrical tool, apparatus & meter and power lightening under AC rated voltage 450/750 kV, the mode, name and manufacturing scope refer to table 1. Besides working temperature of BV-90, RV-90 is 90℃, other cables are 70℃. Short time withstand current temperature of nylon sheath wire & cable is 121℃ for long time.

Common Rubber Insulated Flexible Cable

1 Executive Standards The cable made by our company tallies totally with the stipulations of GB 8735-1998 “Rated Voltage 450/750V and below Rubber Insulated Flexible Wire and Cable” and that of GB5013-1997 “Rated Voltage 450/750V and below Rubber Insulated Cable”. 2 Technical Performance 2.1 Rated voltage of YZ type is 300/500V, YC type is 450/750V. No stipulation is made for YH type. 2.2 Long working temperature of cable is 60℃. 2.3 “W” type derived cable is with anti-weather and certain anti-oil performance, which is used in places of outdoor touching oil stain.Common rubber tube flexible cable is used extensively in household, electric tool and every mobile apparatus of rated voltage 450/750V and below.

Concentric Conductor Power Cable

1 Executive Standard It is manufactured according to GB/T12706-2002 standards. 2 Application It is suitable for power transmission as power lines with rated voltage 0.6/1kV or lower. 3 Using feature & technical Performance 3.1 Rated Voltage U0/U:0.6/1kV. 3.2 The Max.long-term operating temperature of cable conductor:XLPE  Insulation:90℃,PVC insulation:70℃。 3.3 Max.temperature for cable when short-circuit. (lasting for max.5 seconds):250℃ for XLPE insulation.160℃ for PVC insulation. 3.4 Environment temperature in laying the cable should be no lower than0℃.Otherwise it should be preheated .Permissible bending radius of cable:single  cable is no less than 20 times of the overall diameter. multi -core cable is no less than 15 times of the overall diameter. 3.5 The finished cable should pass voltage test of  A.C 2.5U0+2kV lasting 5minutes without punture. 3.6 D.C conductor resistance complies with the stipulations of GB/T 13956-1997 in 20℃. 3.7 Low and even forward (breckard) and zero sequence impedance improves the quality of power supply. 3.8 The complete cable has strong resistance characters against electromagnetic interference and thunder strike. 3.9 Compared with the fourth core of ordinary four power cables, the outer coaxial conductor has a much lower reactance value when operating in  zero sequence, which contributes to the fast action of automatic short circuit protection so as to ensure the safe operation of cables and related equipment. 3.10 The combustion character of the cable: Flame-retardant cable could endure firing test in bundle stipulated in GB/T19666-2005 Fire-resistance cable could endure fire rating in GB/T19666-2005.

Control Cable

1 Executive Standards It is manufactured according to GB9330-88 standards The low-smoking low-halogen、low-smoking halogen-free flame-retardant cable , it complies with GB/T19666-2005standards. 2 Application It is used for the signal transmission controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus and the power distribute apparatus in the field of metallurgy,power and petrochemistry. Its rated voltage (Uo/U) is up to including 450/750V.

MV Water-proof and Water Tree Retardant Power Cable

1 Standard The products should be manufactured according to standard GB/T12706-2008 and also as per IEC, BS and HD as requested. 2 Application The products should be suitable for buried cables under the moist, abundant groundwater or water tree growth inhibiting and safely operating transmission and distribution lines of rated voltages of 3.6/6~26/35kV 3 Properties TR cables should be insulated by electrical and water tree growth inhibiting TR insulated compound. After 729-day water tree ageing accumulation test according to the requirements for tree retardant performance in HD605. The products prolong the cables' lives and improve safety, and they are the upgrade of XLPE insulated cables. Longitudinal water-proof cables combine water-proof material, inhibiting the growth of water tree in the conductor, satisfying the conductivity of the cable; Radical water-proof cables combine Al-plastic tape and polyolefin sheath and have longitudinal and radical water-blocking properties. Insulated water tree retardant property of the cable is requested during the construction of cities. Major projects of some cities designating definitely using water-proofed and water tree retardant cables. It has a bright    market application outlook.

Optical Fiber Composite LV Power Cable (OPLC)

The manufacturing of OPLC adopts the standard of Q/EPRI 038-2011 “Technical Requirements of OPLC”,and the corresponding technical requirements can meet the standard of the enterprises. 2  Scope of application The rated power frequency voltage of the cable is 0.6/1kV or lower than this level. It is also applicable in optical fiber inserting smart grid and network integrating and so on. 3  Features The OPLC adopts the current LV cable as the main body, and successfully inserts the optical fiber unit in the edge gap of the cable. The most obvious characteristics of the OPLS are as following 4 points: Firstly, OPLC integrates the function of both optical fiber and power cable, which can avoids the repeat wiring, and reduce the cost of construction and network setting up as well. Compared to the conventional installation type, using the OPLC as the solution of smart grid user connecting into the network can save a large amount of metal, pipes, plastic materials and so on, and effectively reduces the cost to getting into the communities and end users. Secondly, the flexibility and extension of OPLC is very large. Use the OPLC coordinating with relative equipments and devices, can realize running various business at the same time in one cable, such as, IPTV, Internet connection, MMTel, speech communication, home smart wattmeter and so on. Thirdly, the mechanical performance of OPLC is also very remarkable, such as shock resistance, pressurization, and environment adapting. And complicated ambient situations have been considered into the initial research and design. The performance of the OPLC in the tension, flattening, and impact test carrying out according to the GB/T7424--E1、E3、E4 are all qualified and better than the basic requirement. Last but not least, since the service time of the OPLC is very long, the compatibility of the working temperature between optical unit and power unit is a very important problem. According to the F1 test per the method in GB/T7424, the optical properties reflected from the experiment are all qualified to the requirement in YD/T629, and the electrical properties are qualified to the standard in GB/T12706.1.

Power Cable

Generally, cable model selection means to choose the appropriate cable and model.Cable model specifies the cable structure of conductor, insulation, shield, sheath etc. And rated voltage; however, the specification of cable indicates the core and section area of conductor.To ensure the cable supplied by us can operate reliably for a long time in transmission line, please read the following items fully and carefully before selection the appropriate model and specifications. 1.2 Rated voltage U0/U and power system Rated voltage of cable should be selected according to the features of power system. Table 1 is the requirements of cable to power network, most 35kV power networks adopt the grounding system of arc-quenching coil of B type; direct grounding system is for 110kV above and HV, extra HV power network.

Pre-fabricated Branch Cable

1  Brief Introduction With the development of modern construction, the complexity of building distribution systems, reliability has become a topic of growing concern and attention from customer. Especially reduce the cost of distribution system in the construction site, shorten the construction cycle, enhanced supply reliability has become the strong request from the builders, investors and the electricity sector. In order to meet the market requirement, under the guidance of the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute experts and construction specialists, our company absorbing advanced top technology from abroad,  successfully developed the branch cable independently.“Chint” Brand branch cable and its advanced technology, reliable quality, low price to meet the requirement of users. We sincerely welcome customers to choose "Chint" brand branch cable. 2  Main advantages of prefabricate branch cable 1. Conductor of main cable has no connector, better continuity to reduce failure point. 2. Branch connectors adopt mechanical manufacturing for whole process. 3. Good branch connector structure, small contact resistance and short manufacturing process, keep contact resistance from growing larger owing to copper wire being oxidized in air. 4. Great moisture-resistant performance with high seal-ability contact. Adopt fire resistant branch cable and assure normal power supply for 90mins when during fire