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ND16 Indicator Light

1. General Degree of protection: IP65,IP40,IP20(Buzzer); Standard: IEC/EN60947-5-1 2. Operating conditions 2.1 Ambient temperature is -5℃~+40℃, the average temperature during 24 hours couldn't exceed +35℃. 2.2 Altitude: ≤2000m. 2.3 Atmosphere condition: Relative humidity of the atmosphere couldn't exceed 50% when the highest temperature is +40℃; much higher relative humidity is allowable under the condition of lower temperature, for example, when the temperature reaches +20℃, the relative humidity is up to 90%. As for dews, which contingently appear due to change of temperature, special steps should be taken. 2.4 Pollution degree: 3 2.5 Overvoltage category: Ⅲ 2.6 Tightening torque is 0.8~1.2N·m for the cable terminals, and 1.5~1.8N·m for the fixing nut. Cross section of the cable connection is 0.5~2.5mm2. CATALOG ND16 Indicator Light PDF