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JKF8 Intelligent Low-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Controller

JKF8 Intelligent Low-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Controller (hereinafter referred to as 'controller' ) is a dedicated controller which can make compensations for the reactive power of low voltage distribution system. CATALOG JKF8 Catalog

NWK1-GR Series Low Voltage Reactive Compensation Controller

NWK1-GR series low voltage reactive power compensation controller adopts large dot matrix LCD screen and mobile phone menu operation mode to realize man-machine exchange. Its sampling voltage range is AC (100~800) V and operating frequency range is (45~65) Hz, which are suitable for reactive power compensation and power distribution monitoring in different regions of the world. ASIC chip is used to calculate and analyze the voltage and current collected through FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), so under a large harmonic component of power grid, the reactive power can be used as the basis of switching capacitors and combined with the power factor for switching. The capacitor capacity can be matched or switched in three phases or single phase by cycle, code or any combination of values to realize the optimal compensation effect. It is the newest smart reactive compensation controller introduced by our company. The product integrates the functions of digital power grid measurement, record and storage, as well as Chinese and English or graphic real-time display of dozens of electricity, with high power measurement accuracy under harmonic environment. Besides, it provides power quality analysis, harmonic value protection and RS485 communication transmission function. Applicable standards: JB/T9663-2013; DL/T597-1996. CATALOG NWK1-GR Catalog