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YBLXW-5 Microswitch

YBLX-WL travel switch (hereinafter referred to as switch) is mainly applicable to electrical circuit with AC-15 380V or DC-13 220V, 50Hz/60Hz for travel control, direction of motion or speed change of movement mechanism, automatic control of machine tool, limit action & travel or procedure control of movement mechanism. Standard: GB/T 14048.5 IEC60947-5-1. CATALOG YBLX-WL Travel Switch PDF

YBLXW-6 Microswitch

YBLXW-6 series microswitches apply to the control circuit, whose alternating current are 50Hz/60Hz,AC-15 380V,Ie0.79A;DC-13 220V,Ie0.14A.They are widely applied to the travel control, spacing protection and change the use of circuit component of all kinds of machinery equipments, which are machinery, spinning,light industry,electronic instrument and so on. The normal operation of products are on altitude, which is not exceeding 2000m,environment temperature is -5℃~+40℃; humidity is 85%(20℃);operation frequency is 20 times every minute, level of protection is IP52. Up to standard:GB/T 14048.5,IEC 60947-5-1,acquired CCC national compulsory product certification. CATALOG YBLXW-6 Microswitch PDF