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YBLT-3, YBLT-4 Foot Switch

The foot switch YBLT-3,4 series is suitable for alternating current 50Hz/60Hz;and the control lines of voltage to 380V,volts 220V;as control machine tools electric,medical facility. In accordance with standard: GB/T 14048.5, IEC 60947-5-1. CATALOG YBLT-3, YBLT-4 Foot Switch PDF

YBLT-FS/1 Foot Switch

Voltage rating:AC-15 380V ; DC-13 220V; Voltage current:AC-15 0.79A ; DC-13 0.14A; Promise heating current:5A; Sheathing material:YBLT-FS/1 armor plate. CATALOG YBLT-FS 1 Foot Switch PDF

YBLT-FS/201 Foot Switch

YBLT-FS∕201 foot switches apply to the control circuit, whose alternating current is 50Hz/60Hz,voltage is 380v,direct current is 220v,as electrical control of machinery tools,armarium and so on. The normal operation of switch is on altitude, which is not exceeding 2000m,ambient temperature is -30℃~+40℃,relative air humidity is not more than 85%;up to standard:GB/T 14048.5, IEC 60947-5-1. CATALOG YBLT-FS 201 Foot Switch PDF