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CHK330 Three Phase Smart Keypad Meter

Better AMI Performance ◎ STS ◎ Module Design ◎ Flexible Payment Method   Product Functions ◎ Replaceable communication module ◎ Replaceable battery   Communications ◎ Optical port/ RS485 port ◎ Protocol: DLMS/COSEM ◎ Replaceable GPRS/3G/4G/PLC/RF module (optional)

CHS330 Three Phase Smart Meter

Better AMI Performance ◎ DLMS/COSEM Protocol ◎ Module Design ◎ Flexible Payment Method

DTS634 Three Phase Electronic Meter

Reliable Choice ◎ Low Power Consumption ◎ Bi-Direction Measurement ◎ Optional Display   DTS634 Three phase electricity meter is an electricity measurement product which designed and manufactured according to the electricity management requirements of three phase industrial users. It is mainly used to measure the electricity of residential users and small industrial and commercial users in the three phase power grid with a reference frequency of 50Hz (or 60Hz).   Product Features: ◎ Accurate measurement of import and export active energy, export active energy is accumulated by import energy. ◎ Measuring A, B and C three phase active energy (except the meter displayed by the register). ◎ Communication interface of infrared and RS485 (except the meter displayed by the register).

DTSY666 Three Phase Smart Card Meter

Reliable Choice   DTSY666 Three phase four-wire electricity prepaid meter is mainly suitable for users who implement the system of prepayment. It can realize the functions of electricity metering, electricity pre-purchase, maximum load limitation and so on.   Product Features: ◎ It can pre-sell electricity, when the electricity is used up automatically power off, power off threshold can be set. ◎ One meter one card, multiple dynamic encryption, user data security and reliability. ◎ With information transfer function, through the user card the electricity meter and work status data can be send back to the vending system, for settlement, statistics, and management using.

DTSY666J Three Phase Keypad Meter

Ultra Anti-tamper ◎ Balance Alarm ◎ Operating with IHD ◎ Anti-tamper