Water Treatment Plant Pumps
and AC Submersible Borehole Pump

We have a wide range of 3-inch to 10-inch submersible borehole pumps motors and other pumps such as sewage pumps and water treatment plant pumps. Our borehole pumps have proven themselves to be reliable in the harsh Southern African conditions.

These cost effective pumps deliver excellent performance and deliver an excellent return on your investment.

water pumps


  • Municipal Boreholes
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • River Water Extraction
energy saving

Solar water pumps have no running costs, which makes it the most cost effective way to pump water from boreholes.

Low operating costs and no energy costs

costs are known in advance and runs on free power from the sun. Favorable investment climate – solid return on investment A robust system with long product life, low maintenance and manageable service requirements with 3 years warranty Advice and support to ensure delivery of the right optimized solar water solution